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Statement from the World Development Movement

". Had the coal power station operated from 2015 to 2050, with 15-25% CCS, it could have been responsible for:

  • 100,000 more people losing their dry season water supply due to glaciers melting
  • >30,000 more Africans suffering from drought
  • 20,000 people being forced out of their homes
  • 50,000 more people being at risk of hunger due to drought and lower crop yields
  • 100 - 300 more people dying every year due to malnutrition
  • c30,000 more people suffering every year due to coastal flooding
  • c40,000 more people exposed to malaria across the world."
No new coal for Scotland - campaign success

Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston

Victory for Community Campaigners -
AP's dirty coal plans withdrawn

With 22,000 people having lodged objections, Ayrshire Power’s plans for a dirty coal-fired station at Hunterston were the most unpopular in Scottish planning history. Two weeks after at the recent launch of the public inquiry, AP finally bowed to public pressure and withdrew their plans.

Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston (CONCH) who have been campaigning for over 3 years, gave their reaction:

Tim Cowen, co-chair of CONCH, said: “We are absolutely thrilled and relieved by this news. This is a testimony to the hard work and determination of ordinary people who have united in opposition against dirty coal. Coal is not clean and never will be, so it should play no part in Scotland’s future energy mix. Ayrshire Power's plans would have had huge repercussions locally, nationally and internationally - in relation to climate change, public health, human rights and so much more.”

Maggie Kelly, co-chair, added: “When these plans were first announced, many people said, 'We don’t agree with it - but let’s face it, this is a done deal'. People felt powerless in the face of such a powerful multinational company. This is a victory for ordinary people who took on the might of a huge company and won. It’s a great day for everyone who is fighting for environmental and social justice.”

Ayrshire Power's plans would have had huge repercussions locally, nationally and internationally in relation to climate change, public health, human rights and so much more.

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'Say No to Hunterston' campaign wins Scottish Green Award

The 'Say No to Hunterston' Campaign picked up the Outstanding Contribution to the Scottish Environment prize at the Scottish Green Awards 2012.

The prize, sponsored by Scottish Power was awarded to 'an individual, group of individuals, company or organisation, which has made a key contribution to improving the environment in Scotland'.

The coalition included large organisations such as the RSPB, WWF and the Church of Scotland, but the judges also highlighted the efforts of individuals through the ‘Community Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston’ campaign with co-chairs Tim Cowen and Maggie Kelly praised for their success in galvanising on-the-ground support.

“What they achieved demonstrates that local communities can have a voice and influence what is happening in their area,” commented one panel member.

Tim and Maggie were also nominated as finalists in the Best Green Community Initiative award for 'an initiative that improves the environment and has been led and developed by a community and with wide-community support and involvement'.

Tim said: "The biggest prize we got was when AP withdrew their plans in June. However, it is also good to have all our hard work recognised. People told us that there was no point in campaigning as the coal station was a done deal. We showed that with enough collective hard work and determination, it is possible to defy the odds, take on a big polluter and win."

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Hunterston power station plans withdrawn by Ayrshire Power

Ayrshire Power confirmed it was withdrawing a planning application for the facility at Hunterston, blaming the economic slowdown and funding uncertainty for the move.

The decision means a public inquiry into the proposed development will not now proceed this autumn.

Ayrshire Power withdraws Hunterston power station plans

Plans for carbon-capture power station abandoned

Environmentalists welcome Ayrshire Power's withdrawal of plans for coal-fired station at Hunterston due to financial concerns.

The project was the most controversial proposal in Scottish planning history.

Over 22,000 objections were sent to the Scottish government after environmental campaigners, residents and other organisations mounted a vigorous campaign of opposition.

Plans for carbon-capture power station abandoned


This is excellent news and the result of a hard-fought campaign by ... the Say No To Hunterston Campaign.   

RSPB Scotland

Although this proposal has been withdrawn there is still the need to ensure that the Portencross Coast SSSI is properly protected and not put at risk from other damaging developments in the future.

Alarm at plan to concrete over crucial bird habitats