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Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston

Object to the proposed Coal-fired Power Station

The DEADLINE for submitting objections to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit was FRIDAY 20th AUGUST.

What happens now?

The campaign to stop Hunterston Coal didn’t stop on August 20th. CONCH will be regrouping in September to review campaign priorities and we will send you details of our next meeting in due course.

In the meantime below is some information from energy consents unit about what will happen next. CONCH had asked if we could submit additional evidence after 20 August - and it has been confirmed that Ministers stay open to representations from organisations right up until a case is determined (see para 4 below)

  1. Re timescales – we are expecting submission of comments from SEPA and SNH on the application in September. SEPA are also assisting Scottish Ministers on the assessment of the Carbon Capture Feasibility Study and will be reporting on that aspect sometime in November. Given this, NAC have formally requested an extension to their consultation period until January, and obviously Ministers will need time to consider all representations – this makes it hard to guess at a timescale for a determination. Obviously there is still the potential that further information will be necessary (an addendum to the application) or a PLI will need to be called, both of which will affect timescales for determination.
  2. We’re not commenting on the number of representations received at all at this stage – we don't want to be seen to be pre-judging the levels of objection so we will be holding off on any announcement until after the close of the consultation period.  We also need to log and collate all representations which may take some time, so I don’t expect to be in a position to give a definitive figure until the beginning of September.
  3. Should a PLI (public inquiry) be called, either due to an objection from NAC or Mr Mather invoking powers under Schedule 8 of The Electricity Act, the Energy Consents and Deployment Unit will temporarily transfer responsibility for the case to the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA). The DPEA appoint a Reporter to hear the PLI on behalf of Scottish Ministers and will determine whose evidence they need to hear in person, whose they need by written submission etc etc – should a PLI be called it would be best to contact them directly.
  4. Scottish Ministers stay open to representations right up until a case is determined – we would be more that willing to accept representations from CONCH, or any other organisation,which are received at any point before a decision is made. As previously, if you were intending to submit large volumes of representations we would appreciate a courtesy call in advance so we can make the necessary preparations. All representations are logged individually so it's helpful to plan the workload of the team if we have a rough idea of how many we are expecting in.
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Read CONCH's objection letter (link to pdf)