Sulphuric acid will fall on Cumbrae

A lady who attended the recent exhibition held by Ayrshire Power for their proposed coal station plan has issued a warning.

In a letter to the Largs & Millport Weekly News Mrs Sybil Simpson stated:

“My husband and I attended the exhibition for the Hunterston coal-fired Power Station and were appalled at the lack of thought which has gone into this proposed venture.

It would appear that none of the representatives lived in the area so their climatic working knowledge of the area = NIL. They present a picture showing the alleged fallout of sulphur dioxide, where, according to them, the wind is always prevailing from the west, and this sulphur dioxide fallout is in Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and covers quite an area.

However tasked with the question when there is a calm day with rain, they seem to not be able to grasp that sulphuric acid will fall on the houses in Fairlie and Largs. Not only do they not grasp this but they do not seem to be concerned. When asked about the prevailing winds and snow from the east which happens a lot in wintertime, they were not up to acknowledging that sulphuric acid will fall on Millport and the Firth of Clyde.”

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