If they build coal plant….theyll sell it

Ayrshire Power have admitted that they are likely to seek out one of the big six to sell on their coal-fired power station plans.

Speaking at a special meeting of Largs Community Council last week, representatives of the firm behind the controversial Hunterston proposals answered questions and spoke candidly on issues surrounding the project.

However, they also revealed that they were now actively looking for funding partners to take the proposals forward – and massive utilities such as Npower, British Gas, EDF, Eon, Scottish Power, and Scottish and Southern, are in their sights.

Councillor Jerry Dawson said: Some of the cynics are saying you are only here to obtain a licence that you will then sell to one of the big six.

Managing Director Muir Miller replied: We do not know which company will run the power station. We have no experience of running a power station of this size. Before, we had (previous project partners) DONG, who had experience of building and operating this.

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